This may sound odd, but I’ve had a recurring dream since I was 12.

Nothing ever changes in the dream.

It’s always the same.

Same people.

Same location.

Same outcome.

I’ve always been the Same age. About 40ish. So 2 years from now.

I only bring it up, because I had it the other day. 26 years in a row, about 25 times per year. I have no idea what it means, if anything.

So, I’m going to share it. Maybe your brilliant minds can shed some light on it. I’m going to write it like a screenplay. If you’ve never read a screenplay here are some things:

EXT = exterior location

INT = interior location

Cut to = passage of time

Montage = a bunch of random stuff happens.

Chyron = On screen text in the lower third of the screen.

Image result for moon

Fade in:


The MOON hangs in the dark sky, like a sexy ball of cheese just out of reach. STARS litter the sky, creating a luminescent display.


Dumb MARCUS (African American, 38, not ugly) next to his super hot wife, NATASHA (age not disclosed, Caucasian) lay in the bed. Natasha is sleep, Marcus stares at the ceiling fan. He slowly drifts to sleep.


Marcus stands outside of a nondescript LIBRARY. He glances at his WATCH. 9:58pm

(This is always the point where I realize I’m having this dream. I’m aware in the dream that I’m dreaming. This is my groundhogs day moment)

Marcus (to himself)
Not sure why I’m here. I don’t want this job. But I need this job.

He enters the library and is promptly greeted by ETHEL (Caucasian, 81, slight hunch to her back).

You’re kind of young to be working at a library. Sure you want this.

(in head)
(Out loud)
yes i’d be happy to work here.

Great. We are happy to have you. Let me give you a tour.

Marcus, looks surprised. Easy job interview. Ethel takes Marcus by the hand, and leads him through the library.

Cleaners come, don’t mind them. That’s the Children’s section.
Just wash your hands after you’ve touched the toys, dear.


Young adult section. Those computers, you can play Oregon trail on your break.

Ethel points to a bank of Microsoft Computers. From 1992.

Love that game.

Ethel turns slowly

As do I. Finally, this is why you’re here.

Ethel gestures to 4 carts of BOOKS.

Ethel (continued)
You’re to put each of those away. On the shelf.
In the appropriate spot. Takes about 6 hours
per night. Dewey decimal system and all.

Sounds great.

Now, you need to be done by 6am. That’s when the
head librarian shows up. Otherwise, you’re fired.

Put books away, play Oregon trail on my break. Easy peasy.

Ethel slowly walks away, she turns back one last time.

Put the books away.

Marcus nods. Ethel continues on. Marcus gives a sarcastic salute, and turns back.

Marcus puts books away.
Runs though the aisles, bored.
Plays Oregon trail.
He looks at his watch.

Chyron: 10:31.

Oh for craps sake.

Marcus returns to putting books away. In that moment, a RUMBLE. Then a stronger one. The book shelf on the right falls over, creating a domino effect, hitting the others on the way. Knocking nearly all of them over.

Marcus (continued)
What the shit.

Marcus takes a second to survey the area.

Marcus (continued)
How am I supposed to fix this mess?

Marcus goes over to the first shelf, SIGHS and leans the shelf upright.

Let’s do this.

Cut to:


Marcus has a picked up 3 shelves and fixed the books. It’s

Chyron: 11:59.

The clock strikes MIDNIGHT, loud ringing chimes.

Marcus SHRINKS a foot. He does not notice, but notices that everything seems bigger.

What the…

Marcus continues putting books on the shelf. Until

Chyron: 1am

Marcus gets smaller.

I’m shrinking. And its getting harder to put the books away.

This continues. Every hour Marcus gets smaller. And smaller. By 5am. He is a mere 12 inches tall. The library is a mess. No way he will finish by 6.

Chyron: 5:59


The door opens.

INT. HOME – night.

Marcus wakes up. It’s night. He’s frozen. Can’t move. He just lays there staring ahead feeling small and insignificant. A few minute elapse as he’s finally able to move.

Marcus gets out of bed.


That’s the dream. Every time. Same place. Same scenario. Always wake up by 5:59 in the dream. Never advanced past that. I always wake up and am frozen. Can’t move. Can’t do anything. I feel myself shrinking but I’m not. Then it wears off, and I am able to go about my morning.

So, that’s my weird recurring dream.

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