Aisle 7

So, and this happens frequently, but today when Finn and I were in the store, I noticed we were being followed.

I know I should be used to it, but it actually makes me mad.

2018. This still happens?

Yes. Yes it does.

We were at True Value. Really for two reasons.

For our 2nd anniversary this year, I got my wife these canvas wall maps. PAPER GIFT. Year two, is paper. Only I decided instead of paying 100 for the framed version, I could save about 60 dollars and make the frames myself.

Which, I did.

I looked at an existing frame, cut some wood, and put the frame together. My wife would come in, and staple the frames to the wood, and we’d hang them.

Only last night, we ran out of staples. So one frame is completely done, which was hung, and the other two are waiting to be stapled.

So that was the primary reason to go to the hardware store.


Also, I needed change so I could pay our home warranty guy, because we’ve pretty much been out of hot water since Liceapalooza 2018. A straight up lukewarm shower for weeks.

It’s a rainy day here today. It’s pretty unusual, so the world tends to freeze in Arizona. Traffic is at a standstill on nearly every street. Stores are empty. Kids are missing school (not mine). Roads are flooded.

True Value was a ghost town. When Finn and I entered, the only other customer in the store was checking out.

Since I really didn’t want to keep him out in the rain, I asked where the staples were, and was pointed to Aisle 7.

This should’ve taken about 35 seconds. Go in. Get staples. Pay. Walk out.

But, do you know they make like 721 staples for a staple gun? And that I didn’t know my brand, so I had to look at others to be like

Ohhhhhh that’s my Staple gun. What’s up, I know your cousin.

That’s when I looked up, and noticed the older man standing there adjusting hammers.

The hammers haven’t moved. They don’t need to be adjusted.

Then he noticed I was looking, and left. Went back to looking for correct staples, and another person walked by the end we were at. Staring in.

And then hammer guy returned, but closer. He kept looking at my hands. And pockets.

Let’s also keep in mind, I’m holding Finn. It was supposed to be a quick in and out mission. Acquire staples and leave.

I finally said “excuse me, I haven’t, nor will I be stealing anything. That’s not my style. I have money. Not a lot, but I have money.”

And that must’ve threw him off because he was like “oh I uhh, did you need help.”

No, creepy man. I do not need help.

At no point during all of his staring did he ask if I needed help.

I replied politely, no. I grabbed some staples and left. His tag team partner walked parallel on the opposite aisle until I reached the register. Then he did one of those “I’m pretending to fix this endcap, hopefully he doesn’t notice that I’ve been following him, move”

I paid. And left.

Just so you know, this happens quite frequently. I do not steal, but people tend to follow minorities in stores and it’s really discomforting. I will start calling people out for it. It happens frequently, and I’ve tried to be cool about it, but stealing is not my thing.

I did go back in.

I couldn’t help it. I was kinda mad. And I talked to the manager about how they treat people. Racial profiling is an issue and others might not be as nice as I was. He apologized. He wanted to “comp” my staples, but I didn’t want that. I know that there is a bottom line for the store, and someone is going to have to pay for it. So, I didn’t want him to comp my 3.76 staples. Now if I were buying a Table saw, yes, yes you could comp that.

I’m kidding. I don’t want your charity, dude. Just some respect.

Oh well, happy Tuesday!

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