When the magic fades…

Like many of you, in our house, we believe in Santa Claus, elves, witches, tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, and Elvis being alive, Bigfoot, and all the other things.

Our children, are big into it as well. Not the teen, but, he plays along and is a really good sport about it. I mean, when I was 9, my older idiotic brother spoiled Santa and all the others for me, mostly because he was just a huge jerk.

But, that doesn’t stop me from letting my children believe, and I’m right there with them.


We also have one of those Elf on the Shelves. Ours, is named, Jill Jingles. Our kids are super into her. Every year, on Thanksgiving, at some point, Jill makes her triumphant return from the North Pole. They start talking about her days before. The excitement builds. They get insanely excited, waiting to see what she does day in and day out. They even write her letters, and eagerly await the response.

Eventually, Finn will get into this. He will love Jill and look for here from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve.

But, one of them found out the secret. It had been building for months. Our oldest daughter, Sophie, happened to be in our room one day. Now, typically we like to keep our room off limits to limit such findings, but Finn is a damn tyrant and is all over the place and they came into the room. Now, during that time, Finn happened to pull out some letters from Jill, and she noticed, but my Wife quickly snatched them from Finn and tried to hide them.

Problem is, Sophie didn’t forget. That was around the time they went back to school.

Fast forward to the day after Thanksgiving, last week. It truly was a “Black Friday” in more ways than one.

My wife and I had just discussed earlier that morning how we think she may have another 3-4 years of it, we hope. The day before, Sophie was the first one to find Jill. I mean, if I could bottle that excitement up when it occurs, I tell you, I could be a millionaire. That was pure excitement.

But, later in the day, as we were outside hanging Christmas decorations, one of our children was sent to the garage with no shoes on, and she says “mom says I can’t be in the house right now.”

I fought every urge to not go into the house. So, I waited. For like, a solid 5 minutes. Mostly because I was trying to get these candy canes built, we installed in our front yard, but maybe it was one of those mother/daughter, I need a minute go away “MAN” moments.

I finally entered, and both my wife, and daughter were crying. Straight up, I was like, oh damn. This isn’t good.

Wife: She knows…about Jill.




That was my first instinct, but then Maurice, the little voice in my head said


So, I stayed. Also, I’ll talk about Maurice someday, but today is not that day.

Sophie had put two and two together, and my wife didn’t want to lie, so she told her. I was hoping the magic stayed, but it faded. Which sucks, because with Jill, Sophie was the biggest fan of hers.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

She asked about Elves, and Santa, and I didn’t want my wife to be the villain down the road, so I took it over.

Now, before you judge me, know that I want my children to remain as magical and innocent in this crap world as long as they possibly can.

So yes, I lied. Quickly, without hesitation. I took the burden from my wife so down the road, it wouldn’t be her who felt the wrath. Like when she finds out, she can come to me and I can explain my reasons and if she hates me for it, I’ll buy her a pony or something.

I said “Yes, of course elves are real. Who do you think makes all of the toys and helps Santa get ready.”

Sophie, was fine with that. The temporary veil was brought back. She was back on board.

I had previously had this talk with Jordan, our teenager, about 8 years ago. It was not easy, so I was a little more prepared. Jordan has been kind about it to his younger siblings, and not spoiled anything, and we told Sophie we expect the same from her.

I know there’s going to be a time when the magic will be gone, but I just hope to hold onto it for as long as possible.



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