No Resolutions


At the end of my twenties, I, after many years of making resolutions, made one final one.

My final resolution was “no more resolutions.”

I found that year after year, I would make these bold declarations, and ultimately break them. Then I’d find myself back in the same spot at the end of the year. Making resolutions I knew deep down, I wouldn’t keep.

So, I haven’t made any since December 31, 2009.

Since then, I’ve made goals. Goals are easily more attainable without the stress that comes with it. You can make benchmarks within your goal to get there.

In 2013, I made a vision board. Cheesy, I know. I put specific things that I wanted on there. And the bigger the picture, the more I wanted it. 3 of the 5 big pictures have happened.

– I have a wife/family

– a nice home

– a new son. Well, he’s not so new anymore, but he was on the board.

As I near the end of my 30’s, I’ve become more aware of myself, my wants, and goals.

Two of the other ones, well those are the goals I’ve been working very hard for. In 2018, I made bigger strides than I’d ever made.

This year, I entered 12 contests for various screenplays. I placed in 11 as either a quarterfinalist, semifinalist, or finalist. It felt good to make it as far as I did in nearly all of the contests I had failed to place in just a year earlier.

Just after Christmas, I sat down and  looked at every screenplay that I had started this year (5 of various genres), every contest/Fellowship for next year (20) and made a plan.

I downloaded about 5 tasked related apps, and sat down and made deadlines for each thing I’m working on, and set a series of reminders for everything I’m submitting to.

Fact is, I work better with deadlines.

I can’t explain how it works, but when I have a deadline, the best stuff pours out of me.

I believe that I made huge strides in my personal life in my 30s, and I’d like to continue to become a better husband/father/friend into my 40’s. That, is always the goal.

My 30s are rapidly coming to an end. I’m long past the age where I can say I’m in my mid-30s, as I was reminded the other day when one of my kids told me I’m close to 40.

So, as I’m closing my 30s out, I’m going to limit my distractions. Games on my phone are disappearing at midnight. Social media push notifications are being turned off, at midnight. Sure, I’ll still post on FB, Twitter, blogs, but without notifications, I won’t be distracted by my phone, of who says what, or a news article, or anything.


I’ve had the same goal my entire 30’s.

Get an agent.

And, as 2018 closes, I still have not crossed that goal off. I didn’t wait for 2019 to start, as I said, I sat down and mapped out the entire year for everything. I’ve even started going over my screenplays, sketches, spec scripts, to improve them.

However, I need to focus. I think what I’m trying to attain is close, but there are many things I know I can do to limit the distractions and focus more, so I can write more, because by the end of 2019, I want to have an agent, I want to be considered for staff jobs, I want to sell a screenplay. I’m going to do whatever it takes in 2019, to let my 30’s go out with a bang. So, you may see less of me, but know that I’m going to keep my head down, and work much harder in 2019.

That’s my goal for 2019.

Work harder. Focus, and write more.

I know I can do it. Heck, I wrote a screenplay in one night last March. That screenplay placed in about 7 competitons. I know if I can focus, and limit distractions, I can get where I want to be.

What’s your goals for 2019?


I hope you have a safe, Happy, Wonderful, refreshing 2019!

1 thought on “No Resolutions

  1. Marcus, with the focus you have planned out for yourself, the big things will come your way.

    Happy New Year to you & your family. 🎊🎉🎆


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